vrijdag 14 oktober 2011

Twelve by 2012

Yesterday Oh, hello friend started the Twelve by 2012 project for everybody who procastrinates. That's totally me, so I had to participate.

Here is my list with 12 thing I would like to do before 2012:

[1]   hang up the curtains in our bedroom
[2]   go swimming with Léon
[3]   put up some Christmas decoration
[4]   take more pictures
[5]   read Blankets by Craig Thompson
[6]   make a photo book with the pictures of our holiday
[7]   visit the Brussels Vintage Market 
[8]   update the music on my ipod (been meaning to do this for 2 years now)
[9]   buy a cool pair of booties
[10] make spaghetti vongole
[11] visit a museum or exposition
[12] wear a dress or skirt at least every 2 weeks

I hope I will do them all and I'll definitely keep you posted.

UPDATE: if it's in italic and bold: it's done

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Hello, fellow "twelver" here, there are so many of us. Love the balance of your list, new experiences and organisers! All the very best with it, Lydia.

  2. 12 is a GREAT idea - I should wear skirts and dresses more, and it's summer here, so you've got me inspired to do the same - thankyou! :)